Consolidating excel worksheets into one

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Consolidating excel worksheets into one

Explore a variety of techniques for giving data a visually attractive, easy-to-understand appearance.While data are routinely stored on a single worksheet, excel does not limit your calculations to that sheet.Change a Pivot Table's focus by moving the fields to different locations, and create Pivot Charts to represent the data in a graphical format.Instead of repeatedly performing routine and/or complex tasks, let Excel remember them for you so they can be carried out with a click or a keystroke - then store them on your quick access toolbar for easy access.

Include all aspects of a task - including contacts, resources, categories, and priority - and measure your progress toward completion.

Use a variety of methods to collect, calculate, and present information from many sheets simultaneously in the format you choose.

Pivot Tables enable you to organize and summarize your data so that it includes the information you want to display and excludes the rest.

Charts allow you to present numeric information in an attractive, easily edited, and highly customizable graphical form.

Choose one of Excel's many built-in styles to present your information for maximum impact, and display the impact of trends or forecasts according to data you choose.

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Enhance the appeal and impact of your worksheet by including visual objects that supplement your data, then format and arrange them for maximum effect.

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